6 tips to help minimize injuries

Ever heard of the catchphrase, “Prevention is better than cure”? Well, it is actually true. Prevention is not only better, but also cheaper than cure. Many injuries can be avoided or less severe when preventive measures are taken. The way the body is positioned while performing daily tasks at home, work, the gym, soccer field […]

Common injuries caused by poor ergonomics

Common injuries caused by poor ergonomics include carpal tunnel syndrome (caused by incorrect positioning of arms/hands while typing or using a mouse and through repetitive motions), tendinitis (swelling affecting overused or strained tendons, often caused through incorrect seating arrangements), muscle strains in the lower back or neck (caused by the angle of chair, angle of […]

Benefits of Digital Physiotherapy/ Is digital physiotherapy effective?

Digital physiotherapy is a type of therapy that allows therapists to monitor patients remotely, even in real-time when appropriate. Digital health services have many benefits and are used by people with various conditions, but digital physiotherapy may be one of the most significant expressions of Telehealth. Digital physiotherapy is the next big thing in health […]

What is Digital Physiotherapy?

Digital physiotherapy is a modern way of providing physiotherapy as part of an overall telehealth practice. In simple terms, digital physiotherapy is an online physiotherapy consultation that is as effective and useful as an in-person consultation. The most significant difference between digital physiotherapy and the sessions you may have previously experienced is that the patient […]

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